Wednesday, June 11, 2014

It can be difficult to organize all of the materials you need for Words Their Way. I started out storing everything inside of the manila file folders, but as I took out papers so the kids could play the games and laid them on my desk things slowly got mixed up or misplaced. I really like binders so I decided to use those. In 1st Grade my students are either in the Letter-Name-Alphabetic or Within-Word-Pattern level. Words Their Way makes two paperback books that have the sorts already done for you and the covers are red and yellow so I tried to find those colored binders. 
The first 2 pages inside of each binder is a list of possible sorts (which can also be found in the appendix of the Words Their Way textbook). I use little strips of Post-It notes to mark what sort my students are currently on. 
After that I store copies of each word sort, recording sheets, phonics poems, word searches and other things that correlate with each sort. 

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